Kirito; a young guy who used to be a beta tester of a virtual game on his laptop called (Sword Art Online) decided to enter into the game through a nerve gear, so he entered an online virtual world where all the players gathered for the challenge, while being amazed running through this world, he meets Klein; another player .


Klein insisted on Kirito to teach him some skills in order to be a good player, so they fought some wild pigs together, but when they wanted to continue, klein felt hungry and wanted to return back to the real world for his pizza! Unfortunately, when he opened the system he was shocked by the fact that there is a no logout button so they are now stuck in the game in the virtual world that kirito found himself in it more than the real one.. But all what he was worried about is his mother and sister.


Suddenly, a huge power took the two guys and joined them with all the players, it was a message from the system where the master of the virtual world appeared and lectured the players about the game’s rules that were really tough as they had to complete 100 levels to be able to get out of the game again having the risk of dying in both worlds and being unable to get out of the game even if someone in the real world took the gear off. These rules made kirito mad so he decided to ran to the next country with his friend that did not accept to move out with him. So Kirito moved alone.

What will happen with Kirito next?

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Sword Art Online Season 1 Episode 1 Summary

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