These are very important questions I think about when I read this webcomic. So This used to be quite a funny comic about two weaboos (spelling?) who somehow get stuck in Tokyo, and have to make their way there, earning money to fly back to the US of A.

Yes, that was years ago, but, I cant help but feel it was also years ago that the webcomic (one of the most if not the most popular fusion (American Japanese style) ones out there) had an actual comprehensible plot. Far back there used to be a very endearing arc about the attraction between protagonist Piro and the rising seiyuu, Kimiko. For those of you how havent read the webcomic, the artistically talented Piro, who works at an anime store met Kimiko via a female coworker, and through many mishaps and troubles with fans, etc., the two grow closer together and make it offishhh(? i forget if thats true). I found it particularly touching when Kimiko saw a bit of herself in the sad girl in snow pictures Piro drew. Thats some refrigerator-postable stuff.

Add some N!nj4 stuff, Great Teacher Largo, and the cute pipsqueak hamster (Largos conscience angel thing) and you had a great mix of comedy, light romance, and otaku-Dom. did i say DOM? that mans hilarious (hes a guest artist/ranter). Draws great too.

But, unfortunately, with the overly mysterious and perhaps cannibalistic/necrophiliac lolita goth Miho, robot chick, random appearance of class rep (i think), and moreall resemblance of a plot or at least a good one has faded. 🙁

Fred Gallagher, I admire your artist skill that has improved greatly over the ages (see below, unless you are Fred).

But for a guy who does this for a living, you need to step up your update schedule, give teh comic back its plot and romance (rekindle mah fire, man), etc. to keep viewers like me comin back, time after time. Cuz, readers, if youre lost and youre lonely, you will find MT.

Im gonna keep readin this series, hopin to see some more of the beautiful chemistry between Piro and Kimikobut, remember Megatokyo: I loved you with a fire red, now its turnin blue. And for all that random Miho and Ping and Dead-Piro-Lets-not-make-a-comic-for-10-days-and-instead-post-random-sketches stuff that made me wonder what the hell was going on: its too late to apologizeits too late.

Megatokyo – wtf!?

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