Mystery at ye ol storage room

And this episode we.introduce more characters? Quite a bit of introducing, though its better than just brushing off all the minor characters. This episode was also quite funny, so Im still enjoying the series, but I wonder when were going to see idol Nagi-tan. Well the art club is an interesting and well balanced group. The Megane x Waifu (Takako x Shino) seems similar to the Sae x Hiro from Hidamari Sketch except Takako is looking to be more of a fangirl (yaoi) than a lesbian (Im pretty sure Sae had yuri tendencies). Then theres (Oh Geass No!) Jin x Daitetsu. And Meguru (Akiba) can go lust after Nagi or something. Wait, why am I forming pairings? And why is only one of them hetero?

There were a few funnies this episode, including Megurus shape shifting abilities and Jins hug-dodge (and here it is from another view :3)

The other day I was looking around for some Kannagi figures and found this. Not only is it a pretty nice looking figurine (except for the hair ends) its also got the PV for the OP song. By next time I should have the single album uploaded here.

I wonder what kind of magazine those guys are looking at. For some reason there always has to be one dude with an afro ><. Also is it just me or are the girls school uniforms a littleshortthey should wear thigh highsdefinately

Im not sure Jin is truly aware of the importance of his decision. (VEGETABLES?? She told him to make sure to eat the tamagoyaki last episodewasnt that supposed to be a sign?)

His character reminds me of Sakaki. Exceptummm this scene kinda freaked me out. His scream *shiver*

Dont worry Jin, Ill always be NOWHAT AM I.

Megurus second transformation. He shoulda joined the drama club

I liked this shot. It gave this (sorta) creepy sensation. Oh and Jin.grow some balls

Oh Rena, what happened to your hat? And billhook?

Shame on Meguru for comparing a game with reality. REAL WOMEN ARE JUST TRASH!!(read this manga its hilarious)

Jin=Pathetic. Nagi deflected all of his strikes.why would a god know self defense anyways?

OMG HIS AHOGE FELL. It was actually quite funny when I saw it.

If Tsugumi keeps pulling out those puppy eyes I might go back to liking humans again.

Auuuuu~~~(not really but it was the closest I could find =/)




Tsugumi:I have something very important to tell you.II

Tsugumi:No, nevermind. Just forget I said anything


Nagi:Dont worry, I understandand I feel the same way about you.


Tsugumi:Ummm Nagi-san? I really dont think

Nagi:Shhh dont worry. Nobody can hear us.

Nagi:Ive gotten pretty good at this, so just leave it to me. Since its our first time Ill be gentle.

Kannagi 03-The Schools Goddess

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