Frankly, I get the feeling that not much happened in this episode again. Tsugumi (childhood friend) is introduced, but other than that its pretty much standard stuff. Not much came out of Jin kicking out Nagi other than a piggyback. And a Nagi vs superball match. But the resolution was very sub par in my opinion. Im not sure about the kitten things either. Im considering siting the source just so I have an idea as to how this all connects.

Whats up with Jin? On one end hes sniffing Nagis futon and on the other hes got this disappointed look on his face knowing she didnt run away or something. Nagi should learn to put her feminine charms to better use. (In the words of Konata-sama DFC should be proud of their DFC because its a rarity.) Maybe then Jin would learn the benefits of listening to a girl.

This was priceless.
1:Imitating Jin
2:Indirectly commenting about her bust size
3:The laugh OMG.

Id hire Nagi as a maid even though she isnt a maid and WHY hasnt a meido Nagi appeared on Danbooru yet. I might just go and get a pixiv account. How can Nagi excorsize demons if she doesnt have her wand? Though this was cute of her so Ill forget about it <3. Jin should learn to play along with these things.

Love triangle mode on! Even though she may claim to be a childhood friend, any girl that fixes their hair before ringing the doorbell has got towait why Jin? Why Rin? Why Takaki? Why Keitaro? What attracts girls to male leads in romantic comedies is a mystery to me. Jin has made some pretty amazing faces so far. The pantie pull doesnt hurt either.

Kannagi 02-Pretty Voice Attack!

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