Some things Id like to list off first about this series is that it actually makes me laugh and that I love Nagi. And Zange. The OP is awsome too.

So I like this OP a lot. Its not like many other OPs that try and profile the main characters and focuses on a single character. They also portray Nagi as an idol which in itself would make it fairly popular. (as far as I know idols are quite popular in Japan and America.) This combined with a catchy song and some cutscenes make this OP stand out from the rest.

So for the first episode Kannagi does a nice job of defining the characteristics for Jin and Nagi and the situation they (Nagi mainly) are in. Outside of that nothing much happens, though. Not to say that I didnt like it, but half of this episode seems to be taken out of some kind of romantic comedy. Now if Jin were more like, say, Kogarashi this might be an interesting route, but he seems like a pretty normal guy (like most other guys in anime)

I like the highlights here. Its not something that Ill be expecting throughout the series, but its nice to see that the studio pays attention to this kind of detail.

Kannagi 01

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