Schools, even more so ninja academies, are full with every kind of children. There are the studious kind, the energetic ones, the ones that want to be friends with everyone, and so on. In this episode of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,” we are treated to our first glimpse inside the modern Ninja Academy, as well as having our first contact with some of the most prominent students.

Unlike the first Naruto series that we jump straight into his final days in the academy, Boruto goes a few steps behind to show us his whole journey through his first academic years. This is a nice way to introduce us to all the changes that have occurred in the Ninja World after the many years of peace after the last Great Ninja War. So, without further ado, let’s move ahead with our short recap of episode 2 of “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations”, titled “The Hokage’s Son”.

Before continuing forward, you are warned that the next segment is full of spoilers about the entirety of the second episode of the anime series. If you haven’t already watched the episode, you are prompted to do so before reading this review. You can do so here.

The episode starts by showing us a short sequence of what Boruto was doing throughout his two-week suspension from school. His mother, Hinata, was making him study every day so going out of his house and straight into the academy for a change of pace seems like a good solution for him. In his way, he meets up with Denki and Shikadai and they all head straight to the academy together.

His friends advise Boruto to keep a low profile since this is his actual first day in the academy after the scene he caused in the entrance ceremony two weeks ago. However, Boruto following Naruto’s impulsive character enters the classroom and yells his name, quickly standing out from the rest of the students. It’s during his passage inside the classroom, though, that we notice that many of his fellow students whisper about Boruto, the Hokage’s Son, and how he is receiving special treatment because of his father.

Boruto does nothing to stop those whispers, showing his first sign of maturity since the show has begun. Next, we jump straight into the athletic training, where we find out that Boruto, unlike Naruto in the past, is one of the best in the classroom when it comes to ninja movement. He is able to take the second best score in the class only under a student named Iwabe Yuino, a boy that hasn’t been able to graduate from the academy for many years straight.

Later, during recess, Boruto and his friends want to stay in the class and have their lunch, only to meet the man with the best score in the class, Iwabe. At once, we understand the reason why he hasn’t graduated yet. He is a rough character that doesn’t care for the academic knowledge but on the contrary, he just wants to be a ninja that will be measured only by how strong he is. He brings up the Hokage and all the ninjas of the last generation as an example.


Boruto goes against the bully the moment Iwabe gets ready to attack Denki who is standing up for him. Before too long, the two kids find a place to fight out their differences. Iwabe is significantly stronger and more experienced when it comes down to fighting strength while Boruto showcases a power of will and a strong ethical compass of what is right and what not.

Before too long, Boruto manages to drive Iwabe in a corner only for the second to fall back and defer to dirty tricks to teach Boruto a lesson. Right then, Shino, the teacher of the class gets between them and stops them from hurting each other. The next day, we see Boruto and Iwabe having friendly relations and the rest of the kids in the classroom having changed their opinion about Boruto using his father’s status to get away from things.

Now that we are done with the recap, let’s discuss the overall tone of the episode and how well did it fare against the pilot of the series.

Boruto has a unique chance that not many shows get these days to redefine itself and give us new and exciting stories. With a modernized version of Konoha that has integrated the concept of technology in its root and characters with a rich backstory to back it up, it’s sure we are expecting great things to come from the show. However, the main problem in this episode lies in the narrative and the themes that are presented.

The usual trope of the main character fighting off the bully is one that has been played countless times already and it’s difficult to consider fresh. Still, the episode follows a slower pace and some of the interactions between the characters fall short. Once again we are seeing Boruto acting like a more mature version that his father was, but we get no explanation on why Naruto has neglected him so much or what is that makes Boruto the coolest person in the academy.

Still, it’s too early and the show still has room to develop. Like Naruto in the past, there are bits that we don’t like but also bits that are promising. Overall, Boruto episode 2 managed to deal with the whole “Boruto is the Hokage’s Son” theme superficially and with not much depth, but maybe this is because there is a whole arc waiting to happen there.

What did you think of the episode? Did you love it? Hate it? Can’t take enough of it? In any case, let me know in the comments section below. Until the next time, happy anime watching.

“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 2 Review: The Clash of the Problem Students
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