Boruto Episode 12 Review, 13 Spoilers: Ghost Incident Mastermind Will Be Revealed As Demon Beast Appears!

As the Ghost incident unravels Konoha, Boruto and the gang still continues their investigation about the mysterious chakra. Amid all efforts of the troop, the man pulling the strings isn’t revealed. Yet, there are some clues unlocking the answer to the question, one by one.

According to Otaku Art, Sai discovered some facts about the Ghost Incidents last “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” episodes. The first was that a leaf found in the scene signifies that the person responsible knows how to use Wood Style Ninjutsu as the clue also notes that the mastermind is possibly experimenting with the Hashirama Cell.

Aside from that, Sai and the team also speculated that The Foundation might have some participation as well. Sai then claimed that he will help the culprit to be enlightened if he is indeed involved with The Foundation. The third is that the Ghost could be gathering chakras in order to fuel some kind of machine. Bottomline is that the mysterious Ghost aims to gather chakra as it drains its victim of their own chakra.

Luckily, the Ghost Incidents stopped last “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 12. Yet, that doesn’t stop Boruto’s investigation. On the other hand, Mitsuki becomes suspicious as he takes every opinion of other about how they feel about Boruto. The event was then explained to be something that Mitsuki observing whether he should trust Boruto about him knowing the mastermind of the incidents. The episode then ended with Mitsuki just telling Boruto that he knows the culprit.

However, some rumors point out that Sumire is linked to the Ghost Incident. The two possible outcomes is that: the manipulator is Sumire or the mastermind is manipulating her. Rest assured, the “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 13 preview shows that a Demon Beast appear and viewers could witness the return of Kakashi as well as Naruto demonstrating his powers as Saiyan Island reported.

Nonetheless, the plot revealed in the next “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Episode 13 titled “A Monster Emerges” states that the beast will attack Konoha shinobis as they near the revelation of the Ghost incidents’ mastermind. Meanwhile, Episode 14 synopsis revealed that a certain incident will happen that will allow Boruto to manifest the powers of his eye. Everybody hopes that whatever Boruto’s eye prowess is will be indeed revealed in the next episodes.

Boruto Episode 12 Review, 13 Spoilers

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