Well, you all know my love of this little, superhero anime show. In what seems like a surge of this genre of anime series (yeah, I’m looking at you One Punch Man), Boku no Hero Academia has been my treat of the week and continues to hook me deeper into the lore of its world. What’s better? It started with 13-episodes last year and has returned for a 26-episodes run, which means more action, more creative “Quirks” and more amazing twists.

It’s no secret that I love this series, but let me take it down a notch before starting this review. I want to be as objective as possible to make sure this review will be useful to all of you that might not be in love with this show…yet.

I’ll start with a short recap of what happened in episode two of the second season of the series titled “Roaring Sports Festival”. If you still haven’t watched it, or episode one, please do so before continuing or else you’ll find yourself getting spoiled of all the fun.

Izuku Midoriya, the main protagonist of the show, is going through another one of his usual crises of insecurity. He keeps thinking that it will be very difficult to fill in All Might’s shoes when he will retire and with so many amazing heroes already around him, he will be in no way good enough to protect the world. At the same time, All Might asks from young Midoriya to try his best and tell the world he is here and that he will be the next All Might.

In the rest of the episode, we are treated to a first taste of what the U.A. Sports Festival really is and how all the students of Class 1-A are preparing for its start. Katsuki Bakugo once again draws the attention when many students from the rest of the classes of U.A. come to their class to scout the competition. Since Class 1-A was the one that managed to get out of the event with the villains from season one unscathed, the whole world is watching them, expecting great things from them.

Katsuki, however, also declares war with the rest of the classes, telling that it’s useless to scout them since he will be the one to win the U.A. Sports Festival. His rough personality once again makes everyone in the school to dislike Class 1-A assuming that everyone in the class is the same as him.

Later in the episode, we also see the beginning of the U.A. Sports Festival. All the classes take part in the festival, however, the hero course is the one that draws all the attention. Superhero agencies are there to scout for new sidekicks, which means that standing out in the festival can pretty much cement the career of future heroes. In what comes as a twist, Shoto Todoroki, one of the most powerful side-characters of the show and a rather cryptic one, approaches Midoriya before the start of the competition in order to tell him that he will be the one winning the festival.

It’s right then that Midoriya arrives at some sort of epiphany and stands up to him, countering him and letting him know that he will do his best, even though he isn’t sure if his best will be enough to make him win. Once again, Katsuki seems to be annoyed by all the attention that Midoriya is getting. When Katsuki gets up on the stage to represent the U.A. students, he once again makes a bold statement, saying that he will be the one to win the sports festival.

After that, we see the start of the competition and the first event which is an obstacle race. In the spirit of this being a competition for heroes, the obstacles are designed to push the boundaries of the students. The first obstacle is the zero-point robots from the first season. They are very tough and difficult to beat and during the entrance exam in the previous season, we only saw Midoriya beating one of them in order to save the life of one of his fellow students. However, this time, there is a handful of them.

The episode ends with Todoroki using his amazing powers to beat many of them at once, defending and attacking with one move.

After this not so short recap, let’s review this episode. Midoriya, for a moment, seems to have returned back to his old tropes. Being a boy that has spent his whole life being bullied as someone that is “quirkless”, Midoriya has no trust in his abilities. The fact that he still can’t control All Might’s quirk, One For All, means that he will have even more trouble to stand out from the rest of the contenders. But, as the episode proceeds, we see him changing, having matured to someone that can use his head to find a solution for his problems and not just his Quirk.

Other than that, we see the emergence of Shoto Todoroki as a main character for this arc. Wanting to show his skills to his father, a famous superhero, Todoroki walks out from his usually silent and cryptic character and into a strong and charismatic person that has the skills to beat the festival. This new entry to the usual cast of characters makes for an interesting choice since it adds another layer of difficulty that Midoriya has to overcome before becoming a superhero.

Now, regarding plot development, Boku no Hero Academia is one of those anime shows that isn’t afraid to quickly jump into the action. Even though we are just out of the assault of the villains arc, we are treated to a new, even more exciting arc in the span of two episodes. Not only that but the developers of the show, also aware of their quick pace of the plot, even joke about it during episode one.

Coming from a background that I had to spent whole months to get up to speed with One Piece and Naruto, I have come to appreciate the shows that are aware of the short format of the weekly episodes and in doing so, they push the plot forward fast. Boku no Hero Academia is one of these shows that manage to do that while at the same time the plot doesn’t feel rushed.

Overall, episode two of the second season continues strong with mixing action, plot development, and emerging characters in the equation. Have you watched it yet? If so, what did you think? Did you love it? Hate it? Something in between? Let me know in the comments section below.

Boku no Hero Academia Season Two Episode Three has already aired and I will provide you with a review shortly. Until then, devour as many anime series as possible.

“Boku no Hero Academia Season Two” Second Episode Review: The U.A. Games Begin!
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