What came as a surprise hit last year, a surprise to me at least since I’m not following any of the major mangas, “Boku no Hero Academia” returned for its second season and even more trouble for the young heroes. Even though the first season ended with a major attack from the villains and almost defeating “All Might” in the process, the young Izuku Midoriya returns to his self-doubting tropes.

So, since the first and second episodes are already out, it’s time we review them and see if “Boku no Hero Academia” will have a successful second season. Before doing so, though, let’s find out more about what happened in the first episode of season two.

Warning. Spoilers are lurking from this point forward. If you haven’t watched episode one yet, then it’s probably time you did.

The first episode acts as a mild reminder of where season one left us. In this episode, we see the young Midoriya trying to understand the events that transpired the previous days, while at the same time, doubting himself over his abilities as All Might’s successor. In the meantime, we get more background story about one of the most lovable characters of the series, Ochako Uraraka, and her gravity-controlling powers.


Being one of the characters that the series haven’t explored much yet, Uraraka tells us more about her goal of becoming a superhero. It turns out that it’s a pretty common one, certainly not following the example of the rest of the main characters of the series. She is doing it for the money, but not to fulfill her selfish pursue of a materialistic life but rather help her parents’ company lower the expenses by using her powers.

It turns out that Uraraka, who I didn’t think could become cuter,  has done it again with showing a profound level of character even amidst a simple story. At the same time, the U.A. faculty are in the middle of a meeting, trying to understand the reasons behind the latest attack. Even though the U.A. is considered by many one of the safest places in the world, mostly because all great heroes of the country have originated from that school or closely cooperate with them.

What concerns All Might, though, is the fact that Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the villain attack that transpired, indicated a childlike behavior close to that of the students of the U.A. That means that like their students, if properly instructed, he can develop his abilities even further.

The episode ends with All Might telling Midoriya that he has to take part to the upcoming U.A. Sports Festival and showcase his abilities there since the whole world will be watching. He instructs him that he needs to become a beacon of hope in his place since All Might won’t be able to keep appearances after his serious injury.


Well, that wasn’t all that long, right? Even so, now that we all are on the same page, we can easily discuss it, starting by All Might’s worry about Tomura Shigaraki. Last season’s attack and this season’s U.A. Sports Festival seem to be connected in a way that we won’t be able to see until later in the arc. All Might is doing his best to coach Midoriya, however, it’s up to the young boy to find out more about his powers and finally learn how to control them.

In terms of plot, Boku no Hero Academia doesn’t lose any time and quickly introduces us to the concept that is the U.A. Sports Festival. And, if you ask me, that is one of the reasons it is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite anime shows. It has action, the plot is interesting and not general in any way, it uses familiar tropes in new and inventive ways, and the characters remind me of most shounen paradigms but does it in a way that adds to the story and doesn’t diminish the overall image.

What I loved about the first episode of season two, though, is that it really feels like a continuation of season one. The art is the same quality, the voice acting is still superb, and overall, it seems like the kind of production that is true to the original material. Now, episode one wasn’t all that much eventful since it had to fill the gap between the two seasons, but it wasn’t in any case boring. I hope it continues down the same path and keep giving us interesting material to move on.

Have you watched the first episode yet? If so, let me know your opinion in the comments section below. Episode two is already out and the review for that is coming soon too. Until then, happy anime watching.

“Boku no Hero Academia, Season Two” First Episode Review: The Heroes Are Back
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