Good God, Everett is far away…

Aki-Con – Not in Canada, as the mascot may imply

Hello all, this is RHO, reporting from Aki-con ’08 in the Holiday Inn, Everett, WA. So far it is what I’ve expected – a couple hundred peeps here, one floor, kind of unorganized – but hey, it’s a con, and it balances of the huge gap in time between every annual Sakura-con.

The Main Stage. (Since I forgot to bring an actual camera, I will have to resort to using photoshop illustrations.)

Props go the organizers for setting up the entrances to the rooms (panel room, vid rooms, main stage, etc.) with torii gates. It’s not too crowded, with enough breathing air and space to take photos of the cosplayers and such. Not props for the opening ceremony speeches…the speakers need to speak up louder and not read from sheets. Also, the “volunteer” who read out the intro for the Ichidan cosplay group…needs to learn how to read first. With that let’s go to the main attractions of the first day.

I tend to be long-winded, so I’ll just try to sum things up without writing an essay:

On the main stage:
Cosplay Photo How To’s: Very talented photographers who taught us some basic lighting techniques, good use of environment, etc.

10 Commandments of Cosplay: A couple who were amazing at making costumes gave us the rundown about how to run to the thrift store and Home Depot to put together high quality costumes. Remember: low quality (cheap) materials = low quality costume, get appropriate footwear, pee with your costume on, not in your costume, and if you’re hot, dress like Belldandy.

The Slants. In concert!

Slants/Soul Candy Concert: oooSoul Candy opens with Zero from Nana, Today from Bleach, and more from Beck, and i forgot the other series.ugh. Slants – lead singer = ughhhh

UPDATE!: Anime Dating Game:
If you like sexy time and comedy, but not both simultaneously, you should not show disinterest in not viewing the Anime Dating Game, which is like dating games where a girl/guy chooses one from four suitors based on how they answer questions behind a curtain (but with anime characters). Vulgar and over the top – the following diagram accurately depicts what happened the first round – catman, engineer from team fortress II, hardgay, and a black man in a dragonball Z costume try their luck against Haruhara Harukos questions.

If you could destroy the world, how would you do it? Id punch it.

Later: oh my: Anime Swim Suit Contest?
this could get uglyunless you like men.

Unique things about Aki-Con I’ve noticed so far: Small, just on one floor. Registration/PreReg all at the front entrance…which could create a hassle if a lot of people need to wait in line (ppl would have to line up on the wall outside the building). The con is in a hotel, so it’s great for ppl who have rooms here.

They have a nice manga library type room here, where you can kick back, relax, and read manga. Just go back to what made you fall in love with Japanese pop culture in the first place.


PS: Slants new album name: Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts
broken hearts? maybe?

Aki Con – Day 1

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