Hello again, young and old. First time readers or long time readers.

Im back, and glad to be blogging on my otaku-ism once again. You may be asking, Ryo, where did you disappear to for all this time, leaving me alone to cry myself to sleep instead of spending a few minutes reading your incessantly ranting blog entries? Well, I dont really have a great answer for that question except for the fact that I was working full time over the summer and was traveling across the country for the time I wasnt working.

However, out of all the depressing line-up of fall 2008 anime to choose from, a couple of my most anticipated animes forced me to come back and blog once again. And as you may have guessed from the title, one of these fore mentioned animes is the Clannad After Story, the follow up to one of my favorites of all time. So without further ado.

The song and OP sequence fits Clannad very well You cant help but become entranced by the soft melody and vocal progression along with the super kawaii cast and crew that makes up Clannad. Just the right amount of nostalgic scenes are added in to flow seamlessly into this new season from the last episode of Clannad.

Kyonko has revived me and Asuna from Sword Art Online 😛

Its been a while since Ive done a post about an episode, but this weekend I should be able to get a few in there (instead of pumping out an essay). The series Im thinking about blogging would include: Kannagi, Ga-Rei-Zero, Chaos Head, Tales of the Abyss. 1 or 2 of those would probably be enough work (taking laziness into account). But anyways, the real reason I made this post is to share all the Hatsune Miku pictures Ive saved (from Danbooru).

I wasn’t 100% sure how to feel about this first episode Sure it was a comedic piece of filler, but it did everything I expected it to as far as plot goes.

It introduced all of the characters, explained the living situation and issues surrounding Tomoya and showed a little bit of each characters personality all in one go. For a first episode, not in any way bad, but it lacked the dramatic flare that Clannad usually has to accompany the slapstick and sarcastic comedy between the male characters.

Episode 01 The Goodbye at the End of Summer at a glance:

Tomoya is still living with Nagisa and co. as the 2nd semester of their senior year begins. Although Tomoya is already this far along in his education, he has yet to discover what he wants to do after highschool.

Nagisas father requests that Tomoya and Nagisa help to put together a baseball team to defend the towns (Nagisa Bakerys shopping district) pride. Gathering up all of the old cast, they show off the girls skills (*cough, Tomoyo) and defeat the rival team in a clutch win that Tomoya pulls off even through his injured shoulder. Even Nagisa is forced to play after her father gets injured by one of the other teams batters.

Episode 02 Search for Fake Love at a glance:

The beginning of this episode starts out with more of Nagisas strange story with the robot and the girl living in their world all alone, looking for materials to help them keep living.

Episode 2 revolves around Youhei Sunohara and how his little sister Mei is worried about his future since he is also a senior in high school with little to no direction in life. In order to prove to her that he is a man with direction, Sunohara looks for a girl who will pretend to be his serious girlfriend who he has devoted his heart and efforts towards.

The search continues fruitless as all of the girls they know turn him down in their own little way. That is, until Nagisas mother, Sanae agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend Heres the catch, Youhei thinks that she is Nagisas sister and that romance has a possibility to go from pretend to reality. At the end of the episode, Mei finally meets with Sanae when Youhei is going to take her on a date.

Back in 2017 with more anime to review 🙂

Attack On Titan Season 2

This season is 12 episodes long 🙁 I wish they would make 24 episodes, but well this is anime life…. The first episode was good and packed with action. At least we have seen some skills of  Mike. The episode started where the first season took off and this is good. Excited for the rest so let us see what happens next.